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Online security

Guidance for clients

We take our responsibility to look after your money, information and privacy seriously. We therefore have security measures in place to help combat fraud and cybercrime. As individuals there are also some simple steps and guidance that we can all easily follow to improve our personal online security:

Security checklist

Password protect devices and online accounts

Where possible, passwords should be at least eight characters long, should include different types of characters, and should not be a proper word, name or place. Change your passwords regularly where possible, using different passwords for different accounts. Do not let anyone else know your password.

Beware of email and telephone scams
Keep your operating system, firewall and antivirus up to date
Be careful when using unsecure wireless connections
Be aware of the risks associated with social media

Our interactions with you

We will

  • Provide a secure website to sign in to online services (this can be checked by looking for the padlock icon next to the address bar)
  • Only send withdrawal funds to a verified bank account in your name
  • Verify your identity during phone conversations, by asking security questions

We will not

  • Ask for your password over the phone
  • Send you an unsolicited email with a hyperlink to our login page, asking you to enter your Online Wealth Account credentials
  • Ask you for payment or credit card details
  • Call to notify you of a problem and then request an immediate call back to discuss further

If you would like further information about online security and fraud, please visit, and*

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