Financial wellbeing for your employees

Your business depends on its people for success, which is why it is important to invest in a programme that nurtures financial wellbeing in the workplace, as a positive benefit for your employee and your business.

Investing in employee financial wellbeing means increased resilience, better engagement, reduced absence and higher performance and productivity for your business. An effective benefits and remuneration strategy that is clearly communicated and appreciated by your employees, can help you to retain and recruit high-calibre employees and become an employer of choice.

For the challenges you face


How can I improve employee engagement and remove the risk of a disengaged workforce?


What will enable my staff to fully understand and utilise a benefit package?


How can I increase employee productivity?


What should I do to retain future leaders?

How financial wellbeing can help your employees

There are several factors to consider when introducing a benefit to make sure it’s valued by workers, while supporting people management practices and aligning it with wider business goals. We spend time fully understanding your business to determine how a cost-effective strategy can fit with your plans.

We can provide advice on a wide range of employee benefits: pension planning, holidays and time off, healthcare, company car or equivalent, critical illness and death in service.

Surviving and thriving in today’s fast-paced and demanding world often means that employees have little or no time to look out for their financial futures.

Our employee education programme ensures financial wellbeing is embedded into your company culture. We create a shift in the employee money mindset and normalise the conversation around money – how to spend it, save it, grow it, and manage it.

The programme is designed to be part of your long-term wellbeing strategy and employee value proposition. We provide 1-2-1 consultations and regulated advice through our partners to provide bespoke solutions based on an individual’s circumstances, goals and objectives.

  • Helps employees build a foundation for a secure future
  • Prepares them for significant life events (buying a house, marriage, school fees, elderly care)
  • Helps them achieve specific financial objectives
  • Reviews their financial affairs regularly
  • Helps employees understand and navigate increasingly complex legislation
  • Prepares employees for the financial impact of unforeseen life events

See our financial wellbeing guide which has more details on employee benefits

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