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According to the UK Financial Conduct Authority, 67% of employees are struggling financially. This can have a detrimental impact on their health and performance.

Historically, employers have underestimated the impact that an employee’s financial wellbeing can have on their bottom-line – the disparity between this assumption and the employee’s reality is stark.

The increasing number of statistics showing the real consequence of financial worries in the workplace, specifically on productivity, engagement, absenteeism, retention and most importantly, bottom-line, reinforce why organisations cannot afford to have a strategy that does not include financial wellbeing.

For the challenges you face


Improve staff retention


Improve mental health


Increase productivity


Reduce absenteeism

How Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing Can Help


Option 1:

1-2-1 Financial Planning Advice Clinic Days


Our 1-2-1 personal financial planning advice clinic days provide a stand-alone supported option that can be flexed according to need, demand, and budget throughout the year.


Who would benefit from Option 1?

These clinic days are particularly valuable for individuals who seek personalised support from a qualified financial adviser. By offering 1-2-1 sessions, employees can address their specific financial concerns and receive tailored guidance, and advice, to help them make informed decisions about their financial future. The flexibility of these clinic days allows them to be scheduled at strategic times such as new employee onboarding, salary reviews, tax year-end, bonuses, or for specific cohorts such as those nearing retirement, or those new to the workplace.

  • A full day, or multiple days, for 16 consultations with a qualified adviser or money coach
  • Detailed guidance for personal financial planning needs
  • Flexibility – can be scheduled to coincide with critical company junctures
  • We conduct anonymous feedback and evaluation reports providing measurable insights to employers

Building financial foundations for your employees.


Option 2:

Financial Education Seminars and 1-2-1 Personal Financial Coaching Support


Financial education and coaching play a pivotal role in fostering financial well-being within organisations.


Who would benefit from Option 2?

Our financial education seminars, offered as live online webinars or in-person workshops, feature presentation recordings for continuous reference in HR libraries. The seminar package includes 1-2-1 personal financial coaching sessions with qualified advisors, ensuring tailored support. For increased demand, organisations can opt for extra financial planning advice clinic days, expanding support and ensuring accessibility for all employees. We recommend a structured approach, starting with foundational seminars like “Cutting Expenses” and “Financial Resilience,” followed by advanced topics such as Investments, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, and Mortgages.

  • Dedicated Event Manager Complimentary full day of 1-2-1 sessions
  • Live webinars and workshop plus recordings Foundation seminars and more advanced sessions
  • Inclusion of your company benefits structure to highlight what is already in place
  • Evaluation Report to gauge further interest, provide insights and a sense of ‘return on investment’
  • Some of the topics we cover are; Retirement Planning, Redundancy Planning, Money & Mental Health, Cutting Expenses, plus much more

Tailored Financial Wellbeing Programmes to meet your needs


Define your approach


Collect and analyse data


Design your financial wellbeing programme


Review your progress and plan for the future


Option 3:

Group Benefits Consulting


As your group benefits consultant, our holistic approach centers on aligning with your corporate budget and broader financial well-being objectives for the workplace.


Need a little more information about Option 3?

We commence with an initial review of your pension scheme and risk benefits, followed by tri-annual assessments to ensure competitiveness and alignment with evolving employee needs.


To facilitate effective governance, we recommend establishing a management committee for regular half-yearly or quarterly meetings, fostering collaboration to ensure the scheme’s best interests are served. Recognising the importance of education, our comprehensive support includes tailored education and guidance for staff on scheme providers, accompanied by annual refresher presentations to reinforce employees’ understanding of their benefits.


In addition to these offerings, we integrate group financial education seminars and 1-2-1 personal financial planning advice sessions through dedicated clinic days throughout the contract year. Our goal is to empower employees with the knowledge and tools for informed financial decisions, contributing to a robust workplace financial well-being framework.

  • Initial & Tri-annual review of current pension scheme, risk benefits, and providers
  • Half-yearly/quarterly meetings to discuss relevant scheme matters and governance
  • Providing full education & guidance support to staff to introduce/reinforce new/existing scheme providers
  • Annually renewable service level agreement contract agreed with Employer
  • Evaluation Report to gauge further interest, provide insights and a sense of ‘return on investment’

Would you like to find out more?

With our subject matter experts who have a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry, we are able to support your organisation at any point in your wellbeing journey.


Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing is a trading name of Morrinson Wealth Management LLP.