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We can help you put the right plans in place to build your financial security over the longer term.

Time is rarely on your side when you’re running a business. It takes commitment, hard work, determination and perseverance to succeed. When it comes to business financial planning, you could do with a helping hand to ease the pressure and keep things running smoothly.

Without the right help, corporate financial planning can quickly become neglected and often completely overlooked. Effective planning is key, especially as your business grows and financial matters start to become increasingly complex.

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Where can I get help to create a structured plan to grow my business?


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What are the steps I need to take to successfully exit* my business?

Our corporate financial planning services

Running a business can be stressful. We can ease some of the pain with our range of services designed for the corporate world.

Corporate financial planning: How we can help

Corporate pensions

Corporate planning


Corporate Tax planning

Exit* strategy

As a company director or business owner, we can help you understand the issues, requirements and obligations around workplace pensions and offer guidance to help ensure your business is fully compliant and working within these rules. Some of the areas we can discuss with you are:

  • Group pension plans for your colleagues and employees – an attractive recruitment tool and justifiable business expense
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements that will provide cost-effective pension planning opportunities for employees, while reducing employer National Insurance costs
  • Pension arrangements enabling you and your family to reap the rewards from the success of your business
  • Trustee-based arrangements that offer a cost-effective solution for trustees to transfer the scheme liability to a new pension arrangement, thereby securing employee pension rights
  • Ensuring that whatever contributions or pension plans you select, you comply with your auto-enrolment obligations for your employees

The death or serious illness of a key director can have far-reaching or even disastrous consequences for a business. When an event beyond your control happens, the negative impacts could include: loss of profits, the recall of loans, reduced capacity, loss of key clients/contacts, and reduced practical know-how.

When these events occur, insurance is always key. As part of our corporate service, we undertake an in-depth review of your business and work with you to implement a tailored insurance programme, to help protect your business from a wide range of financial risks.

As a shareholder, your focus is making your business successful. If something happens to you, your fellow shareholders may have to work with partners who have little or no interest in the business, and your beneficiaries could find themselves owning shares which nobody is prepared to buy.

Effective planning is key to ensure this doesn’t happen. We can identify your requirements and discuss potential solutions that will provide shareholders with the means to purchase your shares and allow your beneficiaries to realise the market value of your shareholding.

Nobody wants to pay more tax than they need to and there are simple steps a company owner can take to reduce their Corporation Tax liability. Some of the main points to consider are: company pension contributions, remuneration strategy, and claiming allowances.

We can provide expert advice on these areas to ensure you fully utilise the allowances to which you are entitled.

Business owners put in a lifetime of hard work building their business, but far too often they throw away some of the rewards by failing to fully consider how they will exit from the business – both financially and as a manager.

Sound management over several years will add value to your business and allow you to leave your business quickly and successfully when the time is right. We can help you build an effective exit strategy and mitigate any potential tax hurdles.


*Exit planning strategy may include some products and services that are separate and distinct from those offered by St. James’s Place.

The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select, and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.

The levels and bases of taxation, and reliefs from taxation, can change at any time and are generally dependent on individual circumstances.

Auto-enrolment products are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Entrepreneur Club

St. James’s Place Wealth Management has launched the Entrepreneur Club with you in mind, providing access to advice and support that will help you maximise the growth rate and valuation of your business.

We work closely with advisory network support specialists, including external business consultants, to help business owners at all stages of their journey – from the very start, right through to exit. 

This invaluable insight has provided us with an extensive  knowledge of needs  and stressors experienced by  business owners. We can help address these key concerns and challenges, so that you can confront and overcome any constraints that stop your business achieving its full potential. 

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*We work in conjunction with an extensive network of external growth advisers and SME specialists who have been carefully selected by St. James’s Place. The services provided by these specialists are separate and distinct to the services carried out by St. James’s Place and include advice on how to grow your business and prepare your business for sale and exit.

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