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Your business depends on its people for success, so, an investment in financial wellbeing in the workplace underpins its future growth and success.

Investing in employee financial wellbeing can positively impact your D&I, sustainability and mental health targets, and leads to increased employee resilience, better engagement, reduced sickness absence and higher performance and productivity. 

It also enhances your existing benefits and remuneration strategy – ensuring that you build effectively on what is already in place, clearly communicate to your employees, and provide them with real value. This in turn will ensure  you retain and continue to recruit high-calibre employees.

Our services

Nurture the financial health of your workforce while providing enhanced employee benefits.

Morrinson Wellbeing

Our education programmes ensure financial wellbeing is embedded into your company culture, through tailored employee webinars and seminars.

We also provide 1-2-1 guidance consultations and regulated advice (where suitable) for bespoke solutions based on an individual’s circumstances, goals and objectives.

Why financial wellbeing matters

Source: PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey of more than 3,000, 2022.


Of employees say financial matters are their #1 source of stress


is the likelihood of employees leaving their job when they are financially stressed


the chance that financial concerns for employees would make them clinically depressed

Support at all stages of life

Financial wellbeing is now an employee imperative. Ignoring this key pillar in your benefits and remuneration package will negatively impact your employees’ health, and ultimately your business bottom-line.

Starting your financial journey

Growing your wealth

Owning your business

Protecting your wealth



“We worked together to maximise my wealth to benefit my family and myself. I am impressed with their responsiveness and regular contact, which ensures that I do not miss out on opportunities relevant to my circumstances.”

Partner, Deloitte

“The advice I receive from Morrinson Wealth is always clear, relevant and consistent, helping me to understand how I can adapt in line with my career development and the ever-changing market environment.”

MD & Partner, Accenture

“Getting the best out of your money is often a daunting test to approach, especially when balancing work and life priorities. The Morrinson Wealth team have really helped me to define a strategy with clear actions.”

Product Strategy Leader, EMEA at Oracle

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